In many ways this blog is a full-length companion piece to the seven published novels since it contains all the themes and even an autobiographical backdrop (published on VIP and available in book stores and Amazon worldwide. See below.)

Ever since asking the question, “What exists?” in my teenage and finding the ultimate answer in my late-twenties, I have worked to bring the results of this intellectual, emotionally-charged and very human journey of discovery to the attention of others, in the hope of adding further enlightenment in a sometimes darkened world.

Since I have now pretty much said all that I want to say on the subject of knowledge, from this point on only an occasional new post will be added – as much as anything to keep the site current on search engines – and quite quickly deleted. So you might want to keep a watch or simply press the Follow button for notifications.

If you are interested in learning how one person’s search for the ultimate truth ended in veritable success, and maybe locate some clues to aid your own journey of discovery, you are urged to view this blog – or indeed any of the books – from the very beginning.

Please note, I am certainly no spiritual teacher, nor life-coach. Nor do I seek to set myself up as such. Far from it. Let others assume that mantle, if they so wish.