ELITICIDE: Audio files ready

The files for the audio version of ELITICIDE are ready for review and, on first impression, the narrator and his crew at their Barbados recording studio have done an incredible job in making what is an epic read into a similarly epic listening experience.

The audiobook will be available on all your favourite platforms – Audible, Spotify, Kobo etc (+ libraries) – and I can’t wait for this to happen.

ELITICIDE ebook, softcover, hardcover available worldwide from stores and Amazon

ELITICIDE: One Person Vs One Per Cent

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 ‘What are you afraid of?’ she asked.

   ‘Nothing,’ he replied.

   ‘Come to bed with me.’


   ‘Why not? Are you scared?’

   ‘That’s not it.’

   ‘I like being with you, Sam. Take me to bed.’

   ‘No,’ he said.

   ‘Are you really going through with your idea?’

   ‘Yes,’ he said.

   ‘I’ll come with you.’


   ‘I’ll come with you. But I think you’re crazy. Why is it so important to you?’

   ‘You know why. I want to prove I’m not cowed.’

   ‘No one thinks you’re a coward.’

   ‘I want to prove it.’

ELITICIDE, Glyn Ridgley

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