Mystical enlightenment is the one thing in the world I can talk about with full knowledge and utmost authority.

Thirty years on – after working off residual karma and carrying out earthly duties – preparations are being made to embark upon the mystic mission.

This includes helping others achieve the ultimate human experience.

The mission has actually started here.

Harvey Spencer Lewis tells how he was contacted by the Rosicrucians in France and how he made the journey to Toulouse and was initiated into their mystical order and brought all their insignia and teachings to the USA.

Open the door…

Except a similar space can be found geographically the internet will have to be our home.

We need to begin something entirely new. This is happening and original information will appear on this site before too long, I hope.

In the meantime, please do check out ANSWER and other works inc. SOUL JOURNEY.

Imagine living in a place that doesn’t exist. That is where your dreams would develop; where you could start again, living in a pristine environment – a place of utmost tranquillity that hopefully you would not destroy. You must already have some kind of desire for mystical enlightenment. Nothing else matters at this point.

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