The blog – like the blogger – goes where it will, when it will.

Hand on heart, my job is done.

At three-years old my sister drowned and as we were coming back home in the car I realised that she was gone forever and I comprehended the meaning of existence, certainly as it applies to human beings: myself and others.*

At seven my remaining sister played a trick on me by feigning a fit and as she pretended to regain consciousness asked where we – human beings – come from, and after a little reflection I understood that everything is created by God, and that nothing exists which is not created so.

At eleven they sent me to a school where they tried to beat learning into me but failed and I continued to build on the knowledge I had developed since re-birth.**

At twenty-eight I experienced full enlightenment of the soul and understood completely the whole of existence as it comes from God.

At fifty-six I completed an entire karmic cycle after several lifetimes of incarnating on earth and from that point have been karma-neutral and therefore ineffective concerning what I can and cannot achieve here: only through the love of God can anything be achieved through me.

There exists a School of Light made up of a group of enlightened souls dedicated to the implementation of cosmic principles as they can be understood and brought to earthly fruition by human beings. This school is contactable only by those who show themselves capable of understanding their knowledge and exhibiting a desire to help spread what they learn to others coming after them.

This is what the school informed me: God, who started the work through you, will bring it to completion by the day of Christ Jesus.

Now my part is over and all I am able to do is trust in the One from which all existence flows.

That is the Truth and how I found it.

Greater detail is provided in my ostensibly fictional nine-volume cycle of books with its interweaving of time, place and characters.

This work is available to all and the only condition of the blog is that it may point travellers in the appropriate direction.

CLICK HERE for Glyn F Ridgley Amazon Author’s Page (UK)

CLICK HERE for Glyn F Ridgley Amazon Author’s Page (US)

*This sister has since reincarnated and we have met several times.

**I was brought up in a road which translated into English means ‘Beautiful Mountain Way’ and that is pretty much the path I have followed in the mystical sense.

Just recently, this has been more in the way of a travel blog since I have been in a van going south down several Balkan states before heading back from the heel and toe of Italy up through the French Alps and home to Blighty once more. Next month we head off for Portugal, where I intend to continue with my next novel, and after Christmas ought to be flying to Rio de Janeiro and an extended stay in Brazil.

Next up will be the foothills of the Himalayas, by which time our house should again be available for us to live in. The blog may then become the acme of domesticity, containing food recipes, cleaning tips, home repairs and photographs of flower arrangements. Or it may not.

The world can be understood as a fleetingly brief home for the soul, but it is a beautiful place and it is our job to make it more beautiful still. That is the extended intention of this blog for all its followers and occasional visitors.


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