The blog – like the blogger – goes where it will, when it will. Regarding the novels….

‘A Sort of Symphony Piece’, ‘Question’ and ‘Death and the Dead’ set the scene during the late 1970s/early 1980s as a homeless Bod treads the streets of London in search of a place to complete his music score, Sam makes plans on a Karachi beach to gain his revenge on the duplicitous and undeserving rich, and Matt recovers from a series of epileptic fits in the perfect peace of the English countryside while plotting his future life as a ‘long-haired fiend’.

‘On Release’, ‘Dostoevsky’s Place’ and ‘Life is a Feeling’ continue the affairs of these characters lives and their friends during the 1990s and the 2000s, so that a family murder in the first of this intermediate threesome unearths a generational history of lies and intrigue, a trip to Russia promotes a series of stories concerning the past and present, mortality and death, while in the third the outcomes of previous choices among all the characters are revealed in a polyphony of joyful and sorrowful voices.

‘Answer’, ‘Soul Journey’ and ‘Rosicrucian’ in some manner involve journeys taken throughout the 2010s by the same characters as they consolidate all they have accomplished over the intervening decades, with a trip taken to the Santa Linda Mountains in Arizona leading to a growing understanding that despite all the fear generated in the world there is a way to find tranquillity and courage through internal peace, an idea that is taken further as two of their group are pursued during an extended drive through the West Country by the Secret Services who ultimately seek to eradicate all individual thought, and finally after a long haul through the Balkans everyone gathers in their hometown with the next generation to have a big reunion where they celebrate their past and current lives and hopes for the future.

Book 10 will discover if such hopes come to pass.

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The world can be understood as a fleetingly brief home for the soul, but it is a beautiful place and it is our job to make it more beautiful still.


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