The blog – like the blogger – goes where it will, when it will.

Just recently, it has been more in the way of a travel blog since I have been in a van going south down several Balkan states before heading back from the heel and toe of Italy up through the French Alps and home to Blighty once more. Next month we head off for Portugal, where I intend to continue with my next novel, and after Christmas ought to be flying to Rio de Janeiro and an extended stay in Brazil. Next up will be the foothills of the Himalayas, by which time our house should again be available for us to live in. The blog may then become the acme of domesticity, containing food recipes, cleaning tips, home repairs and photographs of flower arrangements. Or it may not.

The world can be understood as a fleetingly brief home for the soul, but it is a beautiful place and it is our job to make it more beautiful still. That is the extended intention of this blog for all its followers and occasional visitors.