Writing Bio

I’m not sure if the work began with my sister drowning in the water as I played on the IMG_1720beach aged 3…Or maybe when I told my remaining sister that we come from God after she asked the question while she was emerging from a faked epileptic fit aged 7 (she was diagnosed petit mal)… Or possibly when I wrote a descriptive piece about a picture in the final copy of International Times ten years later (the one with the staff naked on the cover) just before the authorities asked me to leave full-time education…More likely was when I wrote a novel in ten days about Margaret Thatcher and the nuclear war bunker being built in my Buckinghamshire village aged 23 and AM Heath asked to see what I did next…Perhaps when Natasha Fairweather at John Farquharson / Curtis Brown got all excited and contacted me over my Sam story a year after…Annette Greene when at AM Heath wanting to take me on but prevented from doing so by her boss who wanted to ‘see what I did next’ when I was living in the Cornwall hamlet of Inwardleigh and a father…WP_20150512_13_41_32_Pro 1

All I know is that from the moment of first starting to write up till now and the final few sentences of my last novel KEY OF LOVE the motivation has been the same…to write the best I can and in the event try to make the world a better place to live in.