A revolution is going on

The radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools trying to anaesthetise the way that you feel
“Oh, then, he must be talking about fools like me,’ bubbles the DJ artlessly across the airwaves.
Yes, Mr DJ, precisely fools like you; even though, having apparently aired the idea, you still don’t know what the hell is going on.
That was late October, 40 years ago exactly – and the song is ‘Radio Radio’ by Elvis Costello and the Attractions.
And we could be talking about any number of so-called serious broadcasters in 2018. They just don’t get it. Fools that they are – or, possibly stooges – they don’t know what the hell is going on.
There is a revolution going on out there.
The state broadcasting company has been shown to be a sham. And everyone knows it. They even admit it themselves that everyone who works for them in any meaningful capacity is vetted by the secret services.
As a nation, we are being broadcast to by a bunch of fools whose main qualification is that they pass the state-controlled internal vetting process.
And whose side are the secret services on – not the nation’s, but the vested interests of the state Establishment.
And of course the same goes for the mainstream media, owned as it is by corporate players with their shared Establishment interests.
So there you have it. You are paying good money to be shamelessly lied to by people who despise you and the truth.
Not only that, you are electing people who actually form the main phalanx which protects and actually advances the interests of the multi-media corporate Establishment.
Wow, and there was I calling an innocent radio DJ from forty years ago a fool!
But ‘the revolution’ you ask, where is it?
Right in front of you.
The recent attacks in the corporate media on intellectuals are reminiscent of those launched by the fearful ruling classes in all manner of totalitarian states. When they know that they are in danger of being found out for all the lies they have been propagating their last vestige is to destroy the good character of those who utter the truth. They know that they have lost the battle and can only fight a rear guard action. You saw it in the past. And you are seeing it now – wherever you are.
But the ruling class have lost all credibility.
As have their lackeys.
A new generation of independent journalists and investigators are not waiting to be vetted by the state secret service before airing their thoughts and findings to the wider world; and the intellectuals in the universities are hitting back by use of the world wide web.
That is the revolution.

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