A holiday, some food and the novel

A public holiday here today in Portugal, so our sleepy village is sleepier than usual – especially in such high temperatures. Our neighbours have escaped to the Algarve for a few days, which means I’ll be taking out their lovely Estrella dog – Brownie – for walks through the eucalyptus forest.

Mostly, I’m struggling with putting together my new novel CASA AMOR for publication sometime later this summer.

I have found an absolutely excellent narrator for the audiobook and can’t wait to listen to the final version. This book will honestly be something quite extraordinary.

Three other versions are also going to be made available: ebook, paperback and hardback.

The ebook will be almost identical to the audio version, while the hard-copies will contain more narrative concerning the backdrop to the story.

I do like the idea of having different versions of essentially the same story, just like having different mixes and media for songs and music.

I am offering free advance copies of the ebook and audiobook to anyone willing to provide a fair review on Amazon and other listings in return. Just send me your email by way the Contact page. All your details are kept private.

Apart from enjoying the holiday quiet and preparing the for the summer launch of CASA AMOR, there is a big pan of caldo verde cooking up in the kitchen and the barby is being made ready for this evening’s grilled food.

Feels like summer is already here!

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