A New Novel

My new novel came about while I was working hard on transforming the old stone ruin on the property I had bought in Portugal into a lodge that would be a perfect place for writing. When the builders had left for the day, silence descended like a veil and all the previous hustle and bustle was replaced by an uncanny stillness. I didn’t even have to think about the details of the story in large parts. They came together naturally. The backdrop of the empty hamlet and surrounding views allowed me to slide into the atmosphere of the tale, set as it is amongst a remotely beautiful landscape of mountains, forest and flowing water. Then all that was required was to enter into the lives of the characters that populate the novel. I saw and felt them wholly within their stunningly wonderful environment, which is as mind-blowingly and refreshingly profound to them as it was to me, and allow them to react naturally both between themselves and the surrounding terrain. All the conflict that arises – and that conflict is both sad and terrifying and wondrous to a degree that I find barely sustainable even now – is only possible as it is set within the limitless grandeur of such surrounding beauty – of sky and mountain and cascading water. I could never have gone into the depths of their being if it hadn’t been for the serenity which engulfs them so majestically. A smaller setting would have made the telling of the tale unendurably painful for me.

If you would like to receive a pre-sale e-book copy of the new novel in return for an – honest – review on Amazon on the day of publication, use the Contact page on this site to let me know and I will arrange for a free copy to be sent to you just as soon as it is available.

As with the Follow by email address, details remain anonymous.

In the meantime, you may like to check out my Amazon Author page and see what other books are available. The books are also available in bookstores around the world.

Glyn Ridgley Amazon Page

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