Fire Today

I was working on a chapter from the new novel when I saw smoke rising from the river gorge. At first I assumed it was coming from the chimney of a couple that have just taken over an old stone house on the bank – a woodfire can create a lot of fumes to begin with – or possibly it was wispy cloud coming up through the valley. But it persisted and grew thicker, sending ever-darker plumes up higher and higher. Then I saw a flicker of red flame inside all the smoke. I began to worry about the couple and decided to investigate, and help if necessary.

In the mountains there is always the fear of fire breaking out.

Today it happened.

Fortunately, the fire-fighters were able to put out the flames before they spread.

Not so bad this time.

2 thoughts on “Fire Today

  1. Nice to read about that beautiful area in Portugal. In this way I can enjoy it from a distance of more than 2000 km as the craw flies.
    Hopefully fires stay away this year.


    1. Thank you, Fred. Fortunately, there wasn’t too much wind, the bombeiros were able to contain the flames and the couple living in the house on the side of the gorge were unhurt. It has been a particularly dry winter and that always means danger. Fortunately, spring showers are making the ground wetter now. And, yes, you’re right, it is beautiful around here.


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