Where I Live

I always wanted to live somewhere where grapes grow – it was for me the sign of a perfect climate. The first time that I saw great rows of grapes was during a trip through the south of France, in late summer, and I was beguiled by the way the vines followed the lines of the earth, like waves on the sea. Then, on a trip to Greece, walking through Peloponnesian orange groves and picking the fruit directly from the tree and munching on the brightly coloured fruit as I walked along – that was just heavenly. On another trip, to Italy, I stayed at a place amongst the olive trees – a thousand years old – and that felt pretty cool, too. So when the chance came to live in a place where all these fruits flourished and grew in profusion, there was no way that I was gonna refuse. I knew, this was the place for me. Here, I knew, I could be a writer.

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