P is for Revolutsiia

It may now be the time to un-follow the herd – escape the herd-mind-virus (see last Friday’s post) – and FOLLOW P – the EveryPerson plus your own Personality exemplified in these P blogposts. (See also ‘Background to P’ previously posted)

When the Soviet Union was at it its most controlling, writers were obliged to process their work through Pushkin House, which essentially vetted every thought permitted to filter through to the vast reading public. Our western media-owned publishing industry serves the very same function. This is becoming more and more clear with time. Soviet writers found a way through the controlling maze by self-publishing their own work; so called samizdat’ (sam = self, izdat’ = to publish) and actually contributed massively to the downfall of a corrupt regime.

The same is possible here in the west if only we can find our way through to the new voices publishing their own version of samizdat’ on their blogs beyond the radar of the media state elite and their subservient authors.

PP is actually the Latin R in the Cyrillic alphabet.

So let P also stand for a gentle literary, spiritual and philosophical  revolutsiia – on this occasion, self-determined, evolutionary and throughout the world.

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