Background to ‘P – a Viral Story’

P – a Viral Story, is the original tale of someone who wakes up to discover that they can remember nothing at all about who they are or where they live: not even their name.
All they seem to know is that they have one hour to recount all this information or they will be completely obliterated as a human being.
The full story is broken into each remaining minute of the narrator’s life while they try desperately to figure out their unknown identity in the time available.
Each new – as yet unwritten – instalment of P will be posted at midnight GMT on Fridays with the text of the narrator’s painful and almost unendurable attempts to discover the information which will save their life.
Any comments will be appreciated – they could even inform the final narrative structure unless the commentator explicitly states otherwise (no worries).
An audio version of the previous instalment will be available at the end of each freshly posted text.
By pressing the FOLLOW button your own identity remains anonymous, however it ensures that you receive each instalment of P at the moment it is posted.
As a backfill to the completed story you may wish to visit other posts on this ever-evolving blogsite which add to the composition of the – as previously stated, not yet written – tale of P.

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