I was expecting to be travelling through a faux post-apocalyptic world last Friday, as I was booked on a BA flight back to London in order to pick up medication for my own particular virus (Hepatitis C). Instead of which, the trip was aborted and I now await the meds to be delivered by way of courier.

Shame. I was looking forward to writing about the experience, envisaging a K Dick-style journey of emptied buildings and more-than-wary fellow human beings. A kind of envisaging of humankind’s great dark future. Hmmm…

Whereas, my current book…

Well, I better not give the plot away…much as I would like to…

With a Ryanair flight and the ferries similarly cancelled, there is much time to be spent here in the mountains preparing the garden – which is starting to look like a Hawkwind album cover – ready for spring and summer and the time when hopefully this worldwide COVID-19 virus will have been totally eradicated.

Much love

KoL image

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