a little vision

There’s this idea that if you could only be rid of Pompeo or Trump or Erdogan or whoever, everything would be hunky-dory – we’d all get on with our pleasant lives and so on and so forth.

Not so.

If only.

While we are calibrated to launch into vindictiveness and violence at the drop of a hat – yes, even hatred and projected violence towards those we hold to blame for the continuing violence we very much say we are against – then it stands to reason that the actual behaviour that we assert we are against, will continue.

We remain in a losing argument.

The fact is that we are not ready to live in peace.

If only.

On the face of it, the human species will never rise above the level to which it has attained.

Why should it?

People quite clearly live the way they wish and society is structured accordingly. You’d have to be mad to say things are not as they should be.

Or an arrogant prick.

All the while the black lodge operates according to the way that most people view the world and the serpentine myth tries to mitigate the worst of their excesses.

If and when sufficient numbers have the true vision of universal harmony – a big ask, I’ll grant you – then the balance will change.

Until then…


usa bombing syria


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