God died laughing

Love life and peace.

I do.

Why not?

Buddha laughed.laughing emoji Jesus wept.weeping emoji

Who was right?

Centuries ago God co-authored a book with a bunch of scholars, story-tellers, poets, prophets, mystics, chroniclers and so on designed to promote understanding and make the world a better place.

god emoji
“Let’s write a book!”

Several centuries passed and the President of the world’s only superpower looked at the book and decided it was commanding him to destroy the planet and kill millions of people, leaving just him and his friends to live happily ever after.

usa bombing syria
“Let’s kill everyone!”

Who was right?





2 thoughts on “God died laughing

  1. Wonderful. Just so. But it’s all 9f us or most I guess. Shitty evolution, shitty behaviour. Survival of the most brutal. That is the way “god” created or evolved animals. Sure political leaders are self obsessed swine. But sadly so are the rest of us.


    1. Thank you for all your comments. I apologise for not responding sooner. It is not like me to be impolite. Tbh, I’ve been struggling all year to obtain anti-viral drugs for an infection that had been undiagnosed and untreated since I presented nearly three years ago. Now at last I have received the appropriate medication and am able to turn my attention to other matters. I will therefore reply to your comments as a whole.
      Mystical experience can be proven to exist since it meets the Popperian requirement as to whether a statement is falsifiable and can therefore be considered scientific. There is sufficient testimony over millennia to justify investigation into the assertion, as much as there is testimony with regard the existence of other received knowledge. For example, I believed that New York existed before I visited. The visit merely confirmed my belief, making it knowledge. If you follow certain practices you will obtain mystical experience. That is a fact which may be disproved. I repeated certain experiments and experienced mystical enlightenment, thereby turning belief into knowledge. Anybody who repeats these experiments will obtain the same result. The difficulty with mystical experiments is that they are performed in a laboratory the size and complexity of the world, so that it is not always easy to set up and replicate the conditions required. The other difficulty is following the procedures and ensuring good practice is maintained. However that is the responsibility of the experimenter and not a failure of theory. I repeat, that by following correct procedures of experimentation the end result can be repeated with perfect accuracy. If the outcome is not that which was desired it is more likely the failure to replicate the correct practice at the appropriate moment. By following a particular method any observer is capable of disproving the fact and therefore the assertion that mystical experience exists is falsifiable and scientific.
      As for my post suggesting that God is a c**t and your agreement to the fact, it should be clear that the God in question is the one propounded and taught to us as part of the school curriculum (the same one that Jack Miles refers to in his series of books concerning the Bible and Koran). I think that Bertrand Russell’s takedown of this god – along with those of Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens and the like – is really a matter of ‘tilting at windmills’. Nobody in their right mind would take Creationism or other Evangelical assertions seriously. But that does not prove the accuracy of evolution by accident either. All of this is examined in my book ROSICRUCIAN.
      Once again, I would like to thank you for your comments and hope my replies are accepted in the good spirit of their intentions.


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