Below is a short extract from my forthcoming novel. This is very much part of the Diary.

Less than twenty minutes later I was treading a well-worn path through the woods on Naphill Common, ruminating on all I had heard so far that morning. That I had arrived in a sleepy little south Bucks hamlet, and was staying at an inn that could have been taken straight off an Ealing Studios film set replete with gossiping inn-keeper, while ostensibly conducting negotiations with the writer of a script concerning the Russian writer Dostoevsky, would have been oddball enough; to have then stumbled into a plot to destroy and take over the world by the Black Lodge of America was beyond weird. It was beyond anything I could have dreamed up, or indeed had ever come across in any novelisation or screenplay ever brought to my attention.

And yet it all made sense.

The American Black Lodge, for a start.

The plan for America’s world domination was already well-known – and well advanced. They had military bases on every continent and in over a hundred countries around the globe. They had reneged on an agreement with Russia and now had nuclear weapons ranged virtually along that country’s entire European border, in Poland, Czech Republic and probably now in Ukraine as well. The Vice-President was actually caught on video bragging about how he had bought off their illegitimate government for a few million dollars. Except for Putin, American industrial interests would be plundering the whole country of Russia right now following a plan hatched by Bill Clinton when the drunkard Yeltsin was in power after the intended putsch against Gorbachev had failed. (This is the backdrop against which our mini-series directed by Karachenko opens.) No wonder they hated Putin and had run a campaign against Russia as a whole, taking us back to the post-nineteen-forties Cold War scenario. ‘They’? The Black Lodge, of course. Only black hearts could come up with such dastardly plans and scenarios. The H-bombing of Japanese cities, the napalming of Vietnamese children, the starvation of Yemenis… Right now, China was also being encircled with American nuclear weaponry…

[The British screenwriter had been correct in every detail.]

And the current members of the Black Lodge – look at them: a known torturer and kidnapper of innocent foreigners as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (that should be enough to send shivers up the neck and start alarm bells ringing immediately); a Secretary of State who says the current POTUS was sent by God, admits to taking advice every day from the Bible (read backwards, presumably), seeks ‘rapture’ and wants the day of Armageddon when all the Jews in the world are slayed by his Christian brethren to arrive ASAP, and has also been videoed chummily declaring that he and his colleagues at the CIA ‘we lied, we stole and we cheated – had been given seminars on how to do it’ and so was well-grounded in the black arts; a National Security Advisor who openly wants to start a war with Iran and tries to undermine various democratically elected governments around the world, and heightens the state of insecurity dramatically within the US by his support of terrorism and dictatorships especially in the Middle East and South America, who completely disregards international rules and attempts to use NATO in order to destabilise Europe and beyond; then there were the lesser players like the convicted liar who had overseen the slaughter of totally innocent villagers throughout Central America, particularly in El Salvador, and was called in as henchman-in-chief to ratchet up the tension and a promise of more sadistic killings when an attempt was made to replace a popular mandated president with the American-backed imposter in Venezuela, along with the generals and governors and whatnots, all the flotsam and jetsam of military expansionism and capitalist greed…

In short, this is the Black Lodge of America.

And they are only following the principles laid down by earlier practitioners: the Bushes and Reagan, Obama, Clinton, Nixon et al killing those who got in the way such as JFK, MLK, RFK and any others Ks or Xs who tried to stop their dark rule and machinations.

And this ‘Shambhala’ I had heard mentioned inadvertently by Abigail Sozzler at the patio table: was this a place or an organisation, and did it contain the adversaries of those in the Black Lodge?

And, if so, what hope had they against the political and military might of America with its limitless wealth and sole superpower status?

None, probably.


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