Woke up this morning with a real awareness of the Divine Presence.

Admittedly, it’s my birthday and we are in the Algarve with its strong ocean light and blue skies…

But, really, if you open yourself up to experience – actually seek it – then the outcome is more likely to happen. This is not wish fulfilment but a genuine working towards something desired.

My Diary has been part of this process.

I am reminded of when I started out in my twenties in the hopeful belief that if sufficient numbers of the human race actually comprehended the beauty of being there would be an end to intolerance, and therefore an end to all the unpleasant things we as a species are able to inflict upon one another.

I didn’t – and still don’t – believe politics alone can do this.

The outcome for me back then was mystical enlightenment – and how much I would wish for this to be the experience of everyone. Were it ever to occur the whole human race and life on planet earth would be saved and elevated to a consciousness that seems hardly believable or attainable right now.

The truth is that it may yet happen.


electron colour
Love, Life & Peace

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