Feb 21 – And counting down

pinksWhen you’re mellow you don’t bother writing – at least not the kind of stuff I like to read and write.abomb
More importantly, nobody wants to read the sort of stuff I write,
So that’s that.269px-Jain_Temple_of_Ranakpur_14
A good thing.
Everything is mellow.
Everyone is mellow.usa bombing syria
I’ve been dreaming in tens.
My tenth novel will be published in less than ten weeks.
Mellowness is the order of the day. Phew!
I never thought this day would happen.
stacia bigWhat a waste of time it’s all been.
In the best sense.
The tenth of tenth sense.hokey cokey
The nonsense.
The never could work it what’s all been about complete waste of time on earth sense.



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