Feb 18

The following diary entry is an important disclosure, and follows on from the previous few days’ posts.

In order to obtain success on the mystical path the postulant requires the help and guidance of those who have experience and are qualified in such matters. This is true of any field of enquiry. As previously stated within these posts, I am not that person since teaching others concerning spiritual matters is definitely not a remit of mine. However, I will recommend a body which has real pedigree and aided me in my own achievements.

The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis

I wouldn’t have recommended them even two or three years ago, nor ten, twenty or thirty years earlier.

They seemed to slump soon after I experienced mystical enlightenment and, although I didn’t know it at the time, were nearly taken over by a ‘new kid on the block’ – a definite chancer and wide-boy who charmed his way into the inner circle of officers before trying to have all the organisation’s fiscal assets made over to himself personally. Maybe this inability to see into the hearts of others was a symptom of the inability of those in charge at the time to successfully run that which they had inherited. At any rate, I only found out about all these shenanigans several years later when the internet made such information more widely available.

The organisation – as I say – seemed to lose its vitality at around this time (the late 1980s onwards) and I found myself unable to connect with it in the esoteric sense. It appeared to have become somewhat redundant despite its continuing brash promises.

I put this down to the fact that, historically-speaking, the organisation was due to enter an era of hibernation since its founding in 1915. The traditional Rosicrucian organisations, of which AMORC is a descendant, were originally intended to follow a 108-year cycle of activity and inactivity, which meant the closure of its most recent manifestation in the year 2023. Given its vast contemporary structural presence and large human resources, I wondered how likely this was to happen. Maybe the cosmic was providing an unexpected guiding hand. The purpose of these cycles was to protect the teachings and its leading exponents from being taken over by destructive elements within the conventional society in which the organisation was manifested, particularly during times of bigoted dominant ideologies. As an example, the centre of operations of the continental European branch of the organisation was relocated to the USA to protect its foundations at the time of the outbreak of the Great War (1914-18). Wars are a likely cause of the destruction of established esoteric schools, as Ouspensky pointed out.

Well, cosmic decree seemed to be causing the English-speaking branch to be losing its way. Another, more recent court case concerning an individual who claimed to have been brainwashed in the UK evidently sapped a lot of time and energy away from the Greenwood Gate centre of operations. I did reactivate my membership with them for a short while, gained a particular cosmic insight through the expected channels, but then felt the general vibe from the place – its egregore – had become rather moribund.

Then, on the lookout for somebody else, I came upon the Rosicrucian Order once more, and really felt that it had rejuvenated itself from the core of its English-speaking operations. There was a buzz about it. I checked the website, saw that it had really got its act together IT-wise, and so felt confident about recommending it to this person. They have found the organisation helpful and well-coordinated. For my part, I can tell it is operating on an extremely positive level – mystically-speaking – and that is why I have no hesitation in recommending it to postulants more generally. I don’t know exactly what kick-started its resurgence – the personnel were clearly motivated in some manner – and with little likelihood of its operations being under threat for the foreseeable future, there is no obvious reason why it shouldn’t continue to grow and prosper.

New, enthusiastic members, can only help the organisation in this phase of its current cycle.

Good luck!


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