Feb 14

Today, for me at least, the organ of focus was not the heart (that was given away many years ago anyhow) but the liver, with an MRI scan carried out early this morning. As things stand, I should find out the results in early April when a meeting with the consultant is due at the local hospital (unless he decides to bring things forward). I can’t remember feeling better than I do now and only hope that the worst has passed.

Continuing from what was written in the Diary yesterday, I want to extend an invitation especially to all those who are interested in the esoteric domain of humankind. I cannot offer any personalised course, since I am not a teacher in this field, but I can make it clear to anyone interested just what procedure they ought to follow if they wish to become acquainted with the inner circle. I am able to do this through personal experience. The next few diary entries will be concentrated on these points.

As a matter of fact, these entries will come from the very locus where my own main initiations took place, which eventually led to an intimate comprehension of the Oneness of Creation. The greatest and most profound spiritual teacher yet known to humanity visited this very spot, in full consciousness. Although it isn’t guaranteed, it may be that some of the power that was concentrated here on that day may be generated outward to all the readers of this and the following pieces. (Naturally, if you are coming to this post latterly, you will have to trace the information contained here from back to front, as it were. Those of you who have been attracted in the first instance are especially privileged.)

The first thing you will notice is that no money or any other form of commerce will take place during this exchange. Whatever is given, is a gift to you.

Nobody can provide another with full-on mystical/cosmic enlightenment, the seeker must do the work for themselves, but there is guidance available and the following texts are simply a part of that process.

I am not even going to suggest exercises for the postulant to follow, since these are quite commonly understood and will be brought to bear should the pathway be prised open.

All that I am really going to do is offer encouragement and some pointers, all based – as I say – on personally held, wholly successful experience.

The first thing to say is that esoteric knowledge does exist and is transmitted and understood in a different manner to conventional learning. It often comes by way of inner promptings and unexpected yet meaningful events, often considered to be coincidence by non-participants. Once the process is begun it leads the postulant to discover knowledge in all manner of ways, generally through books, mystical organisations, meetings with others or nature. To secure and digest the inner knowledge it becomes necessary occasionally to withdraw from all conventional company. Just as it is becoming increasingly well understood that the public is sometimes gulled into believing all kinds of false information to the supposed benefit of political and commercial desires of influential players, so does the human being generally have to remove themselves from the influence of conventionally-based exoteric involvement in order to comprehend the incoming information they seek for their own internal satisfaction.

Meditation and other solitary moments are absolutely essential if the participant is to make headway.

The next post will build on these assertions.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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