Feb 11

Actually, of course, it isn’t so difficult to be aware of profundity in everyday existence. That you are alive is profound enough! That may sound banal – and even brutal to somebody who does not enjoy their everyday life – but is true nevertheless. What you do with this insight is another matter. Later, it will be argued, life is a form of knowledge, not just a brute fact. Life itself can provide the key for unlocking all that can be understood in the universe. Hence the idea of the ‘bucosmic’, whereby you can see and enjoy nature in its cosmic significance: kind of ‘as above, so below’. Certainly being filled with life, surrounded by life, will invigorate a sense of life. (This may be why serious and, especially, fatal illness can imbue the afflicted person with the preciousness – and, yes, profundity – of life.)

All of this will be reflected upon during the course of writing this online diary.

For now, I am sitting in our aiport hotel, prepared for flying back to the UK tomorrow morning in readiness for the MRI scan scheduled the following day.


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