Feb 9

Absolutely beautiful weather in the Santa Maria mountains, perfect for some gardening. The soil here is much more friable than any we had in the UK, where it was always clayey, so that the little tiller is the perfect tool for turning the soil.port mounts Within minutes I had prepared the bonfire site into a 4 metre radius circle where the ‘three sisters’ of the native Amero-Indians (maize, beans and squashes) will be planted. Plus, an extended oblong for the broad beans we brought across with us. Later, we will decide on a patch for planting some beans gifted to us by Indu while we were staying at her lodge in Bharatpur last springtime (see post). Apart from that we have lots of French beans, artichokes, salad leaves, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes etc. What is more, the fruit trees we planted last autumn – ranging from plum to pomegranate – have all taken and are showing signs of budding. The pear and almond trees are already blossoming; not to mention the aloe vera plants, which look a lot like ‘red hot pokers’ in bloom.


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