Feb 8

The world can be understood as a fleetingly brief home for the soul, but it is a beautiful place and it is our job to make it more beautiful still.

I’d like to thank my daughter for reminding me what I had put up on the Blog page…oh, eons ago.

This remains the ambition. A ‘mission statement’, if you will.

The Diary aspect continues to evolve, with the intention to make certain of posting something every day at least for the next year. It is my hope that it will become something more and more people will want to access in a purely casual manner. Naturally, the subject matter will change according to the way life pans out.melancholia

Right now, personal health issues are to the fore – especially since I found out this morning that I have to return to the UK next week for an MRI scan on my liver.

Once this is all out of the way, hopefully the diary can focus on broader and more aesthetic matters.

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