Feb 4

A bit later than anticipated getting away today. Expecting to be given a clean bill of health from the consultant at the hospital, instead I found out there is probable scarring of the liver, very likely caused by some infection. The consequence being that it was necessary to queue for an hour and a half to provide blood samples for a whole battery of tests.

Then, just as we were leaving the house with our bags packed and the car loaded, our solicitor sent an email with a big bunch of documents attached which required to be either printed and signed or scanned and returned. We just made it to the post office in time, before continuing on our way to the south coast in the dark.

Right now, we are in our budget hotel, having just eaten sushi washed down with ale, and ready to settle down and listen to an audible version of the Graham Greene novel selected by members of the book club.

Tomorrow we board the ferry for a 24 hour crossing.

I shall probably have to fly back soon for an appointment at the hospital – which makes me feel quite modern, but also wishing (and hoping) I didn’t (won’t) have to.

PS I thought of a new word today – Bucosmic (adj) living off the land while studying the universe


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