Feb 3

Two more days before we catch the ferry from the south coast and leave the UK behind. That means washing the old campervan and keeping an appointment at the hospital with the consultant. The day before we returned last December, I was informed that I had diabetes and Hep C. Neither of which diagnosis made any sense to me. Now it looks as though the trouble has been bruising of the liver all along, caused by some kind of impact. Maybe the two cycling accidents I experienced just prior to falling ill were somehow responsible. Anyway, I look forward to regaining full health once more.

Things Britain seems to do well: fashion, music, food and drink (yes, really). Which means great High Streets, classic pop/rock, great food counters and terrific ale. South Bucks has all of this aplenty and it’s been a real joy to discover how many of the old ways continue to exist behind the façade of modern housing projects and post-1980s affluence. hawkwindLikewise, visiting Hungerford in nearby Berkshire for the weekend and walking beside the Kennet and the Avon canal towpath was a treat. I think the old hairies/hippies of the late sixties/seventies got it just about right with their combination of rural living and space rock. The perfect duo. Made even better with their desire for peace and love. That all seems a long while ago now, of course. But, even so, could yet prove realisable. Our departure from the shores of the UK is in many ways an extension of this dream – with the reality actually awaiting us.fiat doblo

So, time to get out the sponge and jet-wash.


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