I think you’re a machine (Pt2)

‘Man does not know himself
He does not know his own limitations and his own possibilities. He does not even know to how great an extent he does not know himself.
Man has invented many machines, and he knows that a complicated machine needs sometimes years of careful study before one can use it or control it. But he does not apply this knowledge to himself, although he himself is a much more complicated machine than any machine he has invented.
He has all sorts of wrong ideas about himself. First of all, he does not realise that he actually is a machine.
What does it mean that man is a machine?
It means that he has no independent movements, inside or outside of himself. He is a machine which is brought into motion by external influences and external impacts. All his movements, actions, words, ideas, emotions, moods, and thoughts are produced by external influences. By himself, he is just an automaton with a certain store of memories of previous experiences, and a certain amount of reserve energy.
We must understand that man can do nothing.
But he does not realise this and ascribes to himself the capacity to do. This is the first wrong thing ascribes to himself.’
– P.D Ouspensky


Well, this matter will be a subject for continuing investigation.


Novels by Glyn F Ridgley



One thought on “I think you’re a machine (Pt2)

  1. How very cheerful. You know, there are so many widely divergent opinions about our nature it is almost pointless reading about it. According to Stephen Hawkins we are robots. According to Jung and the pansychism junket we are offshoots of universal consciousness. It gets to the stage when I am tempted to say “who knows and who cares” and to rely om and enjoy my own subjective experiences and be guided by them. The only thing you can say about experts in this field is that there are none!


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