From Mexico

Humanity’s problem – it seems – is not systems or particular individuals; humanity’s problem is – itself.

About forty years ago I tried to work this out for myself. Having read my Karl Marx and Adam Smith, I reckoned that politics was not the way to solve the problem; nor, having read all the major works from Plato to Popper, was philosophy.

aden soldiers
My first image / memory of British imperialism, Aden 1962

I did join the Oxford University Philosophy Society and attended The Socialist Party of Great Britain meetings, whose concepts maybe chimed best with my own. But neither avenue really led to the place that I was seeking.

So then it was literature – I wrote A SORT OF SYMPHONY PIECE and QUESTION – and mysticism.

This latter actually delivered (see all my other full-length written work).

Mysticism is the link between the human individual and the vast cosmos; when the two blend the human knows everything there is to know, and the cosmos knows the individual.

on releaseThese last few weeks in Mexico have been telling. At some of the historic sites and within the country’s museums we have discovered how the indigenous peoples at the time of Cortez’ arrival with his conquistadors were highly stratified in social terms, and human sacrifice was rife. The Spaniards subjugated the native groupings and stole all the gold and silver they were able to carry, but they hardly spoiled any paradise.

peace pact banner
The Peace Banner 1936

As for the current British people, they are grown up enough to know what they want and have opted for an elitist and racist society in their droves. Their is no point blaming the media or Jeremy Corbyn. The choices were there and the electorate, as ever, went for the conservative, semi-royalist position that appears to be their default.

I am happy to be out of it.

I have made my own peace having written and suffered greatly over the previous decades – and am not in conflict with any system or any individual.

From now on – as far as possible – I intend living life according to my own mystic lights.

The Rosy-Cross

And I would advise that you do the same if you are able to gain the insight and muster the strength to do so.

Humanity might yet be pulled back from the brink; but conflict will not be the solution.

Only peace and harmony can make this planet earth a better place.

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