Love is the force emanating from eternity which creates the entire universe.

We can show how this force is in fact all universal reality thus:





If we then add


It can be revealed how perfect knowledge of the universe is possible to the human being.

L is the Logos – or origination – which contains the essential seed of everything and from which all being grows and develops.

O is the symbol for eternity out of which all being is originally created and back into which all being must return.

V is the vortex – vortices – which form all the different possible facets from mind to mineral inherent in the Logos.

E is this Earth where all the vortices of the universe are manifested or can be known within the limits of extended human perception.

R is the Reflector, the purified human being which reflects the entire cosmos contained within the key of LOVE, inwardly and outwardly.

It is important to know that the universe loves you and cares for your being: that all existence is based on love, that the universal consciousness exists prior to the earth (see above), that the universal consciousness responds to thoughts and acts of love, that the universe cannot carry or reproduce harmful thoughts or acts that may be produced by any individual mind or minds (which are retained by the self-same minds and processed through the law of Karma).

At any time of the day – although on waking or before sleeping is best – meditate and send out thoughts of love to those you already love, associates, perceived enemies, and abstractedly: start with your own circle and gradually spread these thoughts to encompass the whole world. You will quickly see the beneficial results, as will the rest of the world through evolution.

By returning thoughts of love to the universal mind you are setting up a positive feedback loop that will grow in power, developing creative thoughts and attracting beneficent outcomes to your actions; not only will you be changing yourself, but your thinking will be changing earthly conditions within the universe for the good.

This is something the Roerich family understood when they set up their institute halfway up the Kullu Valley in the Himalayas.

Their ideas and beliefs will be explored in a further post, as will those held by others.

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