28 Years of Love & Freedom

Twenty-eight years ago today I married the most beautiful woman that I could ever have hoped to meet. Despite everything – and there has been a lot – we have stayed the course. Together, we have been able to bring into this universe two of the most wonderful and adorable human beings that it is possible to imagine. They are nigh perfect. Between nobody else would this have been possible. What need have we for silver or gold?

Anne & Glyn 1991

Going back to that day in Finsbury Park registry office just a few months after having first met on a plane taking us to the old Sheremetovo airport in Soviet Moscow, how could we have known we’d be celebrating this day twenty-eight years on high up in the Himalayan mountains of India? We didn’t even know how we were getting to the registry office from the Islington flat that morning until Anne’s sister’s boyfriend stepped in. Thanks again, Dave. And thanks once more to Sue and Paul for witnessing the event.

On a more serious note, our honeymoon was planned for Morocco but in the intervening period our government had allowed the country to be brought into the Gulf War at the behest of the Americans, and now that the slaughter of the Iraqi people had begun, flights across the Arab world were being cancelled, including our own flight to Rabat. Instead, we booked a flight into Spain and caught the ferry to Tangier. As a result, we were about the only Western foreigners in the entire country and traveling down through the Atlas Mountains by public transport from the coast to our intended stay on the edge of the Sahara Desert is a story in itself.

Our marriage day with its modest reception at a north London restaurant and the honeymoon experience in Morocco pretty much set the pattern for what has been a shared adventure during our life together.

When we were married that day twenty-eight years ago, we could only believe that the world around us would open up and evolve into a more harmonious place. The Berlin Wall had come down and there were reasons to believe this ought to be case. Our children would be part of an inspirational generation of young people who would form a society in their own freedom-loving, non-prejudicial image, following on from the social gains of the sixties and seventies. You only need go back to the images, read some of the literature and listen to the music from around the world during those times to see what I mean. And then the conservatives with their falsely-promoted and previously discredited monetarist policies took hold, the CIA and other western-based secret services including the UK’s Secret Intelligence Services MI5/MI6 were given free – if concealed – rein, and the gnarly old establishment and armed forces re-established their control over the immediate social order while deliberately creating unrest across the globe for personal gain, restricting democracy, putting into place their own dictator stooges around the globe, making enemies of peoples for whom there ought to have been no enmity, placing personal wealth before equality, and setting out on a course which has led to imminent destruction of the planet Earth either through over-exploitation of its resources or their pointlessly destructive wars.

Our love-filled marriage and raising children has to be appreciated against the backdrop of an ever-worsening erosion of basic freedoms throughout the western world, as our so-called elected leaders lead our countries into perpetual conflicts with imagined enemies and use such conflicts as an excuse to clamp down on free expression.

In the meantime, peace-loving and truth-telling people have been condemned as threats to the hegemonic world order – which they surely are, since this world is increasingly built on destructive lies.

Anne & Glyn 2019

Throughout this attack on the structure of our daily lives, for nearly three decades our marriage vows have remained strong, our love – far from diminishing – has increased over time, our children have gained in confidence and knowledge, and we still share the belief that this world we inhabit has the capacity to become a place where all peoples from whatever background can be allowed to come together and live in peaceful co-existence. Despite the war-makers.

The time for war-mongering may yet be drawing to a close, and those individuals who seem more intent on forming death-cults and bringing misery to the masses of freedom-loving peoples in all regions of the globe ought to know that they will be found out and that when that time arrives they will be exposed for the frauds they are. They will then be banished to live out their discredited, lonely lives in the nether regions of the planetary experience they are constantly forming both within and without.

A future post will look at how a handful of people centred in a little community up the road from the guesthouse where we are staying – and will be celebrating our twenty-eighth wedding anniversary – actually went some way to making this future event happen. Even now humanity is reaping the fruit of their endeavours.

Books by Glyn F Ridgley are published by Valley Independent Publishing and are available from Amazon and bookstores around the world

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