Assange (updated)

In the light of events now taking place around the Ecuadorean embassy in London concerning Julian Assange, I am republishing this post. It concerns the manner in which the public has for years sleepwalked into a situation whereby one man has to shoulder all the responsibility for exposing the lying, war-mongering, planet-destroying elites around the world.

I had discussions with workmates – your normal white, middle-class liberals – about Julian Assange being illegally detained and what it meant for an open-truth society, and all they could do was attack the guy by saying his organisation’s leaks had put lives at risk. Where had they got their information? From the BBC and Guardian newspaper. In other words, they are just the sort of careless dupes who have allowed the current situation to arise.

I implore my ex-workmates and anybody else around to make recompense for these wasted years and get up there to defend Assange and the right to reveal TRUTH to the world.

Back in 1982 I began working on a novel about a young man who blows up an exclusive club in London to demonstrate his hatred of the neo-liberal agenda and attendant neo-con policies: the contrived ever-lasting wars, austerity measures, pro-elite/anti-social laws, and so on.

The novel was supposed to be a wake-up call about what was happening in capitalist societies – a warning of what would inevitably occur if monetarism and right-wing ideology was followed through.

My only surprise concerning actual events since then is that such an act of individual violence has not taken place. This suggests that people on the whole are very generous with regards to the intentions of their leaders, or that the public’s passivity knows no bounds. Perhaps it illustrates people’s innate goodness, I don’t know.Question_Cover_for_Kindle

The only acts of individual violence regularly witnessed are committed by those who have been deranged by social, military or religious pressure.

Mainly, as ever, the violence continues to be carried out by authorities on behalf of the state, either on its own citizens or in foreign countries.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue.

The whole world is under existential threat as a result of the violent policies being pursued in capitalist societies. Either war or environmental catastrophe have the very real potential to destroy the planet upon which we depend for survival.

Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to this prospect and recognising from where the real threat to their well-being emanates.

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