Books: who needs ’em?

I walked into a bookshop in the university town of Coimbra last weekend and felt really pleased for about thirty seconds as I looked along the shelves…

I so, so want to enjoy being in a bookshop and feel that they are worthwhile and a book-buying renaissance is forthcoming…

Books – and bookshops – are so lovely and so worth having…so much a part of who I am…


And yet:

Here is a daring truth to admit: I have not bought a book from a book shop for… What?… Six – maybe seven –  years or more! Tell me, why would I? What would I buy? Jamie’s ‘One Hundred Recipes in Zero Minutes’; JK Rowling…some kind of moribund thriller about somebody being tortured and executed by a psychopath for no good reason other than my supposed amusement; a political memoir…doh!

Where is the fiction..!

I have been in my local Waterstones twice in the same amount of years – to buy calendars as Christmas presents…and that’s all.

One look in the window is enough to turn me off…

Really, very, very sad (to quote an orange-faced American president…)

So sad.

Bring me books I want to buy…

Publish books I want to read…



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