On the Road Again

After an unintended, extended and unwanted hiatus staying in my beloved home county of south Bucks, I finally hit Spanish shores and headed on down in the van to where I am now living for a while in central Portugal.fiat doblo

Such joy to be inhabiting a converted stone barn within olive groves in this Portuguese village; in the garden are grapevines, fig and orange trees, and the surrounding hills are densely-wooded with eucalyptus and pine. The skies are blue through the day and glow orange on the western horizon before turning yellow in the fading evening light.

I even got to work on my new novel this morning before going to the local market and working out where best to buy salt-cod, garlic and oil for the soon-to-come autumnal dinners. Right now, it’s still warm enough to sit out and eat on the veranda, but there is no mistaking the shortening hours of daylight and the need to close shut the doors before settling down as night falls.

With any luck I’ll really get stuck into the typescript tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ve made some changes to my Author’s Page at Amazon in order to try and better explain just exactly what my writing over all these years with limited success has been all about:

People have sought knowledge from ancient to modern times, while authorities have tried to conceal this knowledge from them. This process continues even now: the secret services protect state agendas; religious leaders control their power base. Why? Because the truth will set you free. This is the Serpentine Myth: the complicated paths used to prevent transmission of true knowledge. The books available on this author page will take the reader step-by-step through this latticework of deceit out to the vistas of full comprehension.


A case in point:

This evening we completed a binge-watching session of Wormwood on Netflix, the story – as told by his son – of how Frank Olson, an American citizen, came to be murdered by the CIA in order to prevent him revealing details of the USA military’s development of a biological warfare programme known as MKUltra.

Over the coming period of time, I expect more and more people will become more and more aware of how they accept information that simply isn’t accurate; as this happens, acquiescence to the authoritarian line will become more and more unacceptable and there will be a greater tendency to react in a positive manner – to the detriment of those who peddle untruths and outright lies.

Novels by Glyn F Ridgley are available at book stores worldwide and Amazon

RIP James Gilligan, my father-in-law, 1925-2018


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