Publishing a novel #2

(continuing from the previous post)

‘Why did I bother?’

That’s the big question.

And the small answer is, because I wanted to

squeak, squeak

While the big answer is, because I wanted to change the world


During the last great heatwave of 1976 I was sweeping the floor of a factory where they made machines which in turn were used to make cigarettes (which I in turn smoked in great quantities after purchasing them in their branded form from the local newsagents using money I had earned sweeping the floor, and so on…round and round).

After they had completed an operation the machine operators would call me to sweep up around them. 95% of my time was spent leaning on the broom handle waiting their call and over that entire heat-filled summer I must have written about 100,000 novels in my head.

When the heatwave ended so did my imaginings…only to re-emerge about five years later after a great many misadventures had left me pining for novels which had helped change my world in the first place, most notably those of Kerouac and Solzhenitsyn but also a host of unremembered novels and books of psychology and philosophic outpourings mostly borrowed from friends and libraries and occasionally bought from bookshops or stolen at book fairs.

But – there was nothing left on the shelf…

And, really, all this feeds into why I bothered.

The world needed to be changed and I wanted to be some kind of agent to that change.

Now that it has become widely understood that the media controls the output which emerges for sale on bookshelves it is possible to recognise why certain material has never become publicly available.

Just as the distribution of the news has changed, so now has the distribution of quality fiction.

Simply by sharing these blog posts or visiting your local bookstore you could be aiding and abetting the creative process.

You might visit the GFR page and read for free the opening sections to all the available works. More are in the pipeline.

Ultimately, change is only going to occur as we pool our thoughts and begin to operate more smoothly together.

My novels are – and always were – intended to be a part of this collaborative idea.

Novels by Glyn F Ridgley available at Amazon and bookstores worldwide


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