Bucks blog #1

Without a doubt south Bucks is as pretty and lovely an area as any in the world. Sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes it is gloomy but, always, it possesses a special character to those born here and raised here. The Chiltern hills, Aylesbury Vale and beech woods under an ever-changing voluminous blue-grey-white sky take centre stage as far as I am concerned. Fortunately all this glorious nature can be accessed from my family home; unfortunately a poor writer cannot find the funds to move back to the place he loves – where a wooden hut with a pocket-handkerchief garden would set you back 400K.

Well, we’re still on the road, so that hardly matters at the moment…

Bristol beckons, and then the Welsh landscape will heave into view, especially the Pembrokeshire coast and hills.fiat doblo

After, we’re lining up a cottage in central Portugal for the autumn and incoming winter chill. I’ve got to find a place to settle for a while and continue work on the new novel, which follows on from the previous effort SOUL JOURNEY. This means it will be THE SERPENTINE MYTH PT2 (referring to the manner in which humanity’s most ancient teachings have been preserved from Vedic times and even now are being revealed in a modern form) and contains all the characters from the previous eight novels. The current working title is Zeitgeist Pariah which harks back to when the guys were just starting out from their (south Bucks!) village… (you probably ought to know this is no demons & wizards Lord of the Rings type saga, but rather a bunch of ordinary guys heading out into the world and discovering its secrets therein…while a new generation is now emerging – which will hopefully make a better job of maintaining this planet. – And  I’m 100% optimistic they will!)

Which brings the post back to NOW.st lawrence

I headed out into the god-woods straight after breakfast in my old hiking boots purchased in Truro twenty years ago and on the dry 2018 earth saw how the NT lads had been having a clear out and making the forest floor more open once again. The beeches soared thirty feet up and their leaves formed a glittering green canopy against the bright blue-sunlight while the soft warm loam underfoot reminded me yet again of brown ale aroma. Anyway, I had the woods again all to myself like I haven’t had for a couple of decades since the dog-walkers discovered they could drive out in their cars to a nearby village with their animals in the back and then unleash them into the pure meadows and surrounding woodland. There was the Vale of Aylesbury leading up to the north of the county, there was the golden ball of St Lawrence church glinting above the western tree-line and there was the perfect harmony of earth and sky that I hadn’t experienced for so long…good, old south Bucks!

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