Balkans weblog #9

The first thing I’ve got to say in this post is that I am sorry to be missing the big Ridgley family get-together in south Bucks this weekend. As ever, it is being held on private land that used to belong to the artist Eric Gill, where generations of our family have both worked and lived.chiltern-hills A walk through the local woods quickly yields evidence of sawpits dug by family members generations previously. For a time, as a boy my grandfather officiated over the pigsty, which still stands proudly close by the main house. Nick, present owner of the property, clearly has a soft spot for the Ridgleys owing to their association with the area. I could write a book about it…oh, hang on, I have already done just that. Several of them. For nearly all the work I have written is based in some way either on the family or the south Bucks locale; very often directly on both. In doing so, I have tried to reproduce and further develop the spiritual dignity (and occasional degradation) present in the everyday lives of apparently very ordinary people going about their business over many decades – and even centuries – in this little corner of the world, one that I know so intimately well.

My next novel will be no exception…it is already started and its writing will be in some way connected with the blogspot for some time to come (see new sub-title). As will further explication concerning my broader family and its relations – past and present – to the south Bucks area.

Right now…

We are in northern Greece on a site right next to the blue Ionian Sea…the water’s edge is lapping right by my feet…oh, there goes a German splashing his way into the water…even apparently perfect locations provide the occasional blip…and green-crested mountains rise a quarter-mile away across the bay…from my place beneath a pair of olive trees I can see the cypresses on the far water’s edge, blue-misted mountains receding beyond them…a perfect spot for writing, in fact…

What a shame to leave it…as we intend tomorrow lunchtime, bound on a ferry taking us to the Puglia region on the Italian heel… fiat doblo

With any luck, we will find a spot where we can spend the autumn and I can write my novel…

In the meantime, our little girl is heading to another continent with a view to continue her already wonderful life amongst new and interesting people – and we are going to miss her big time (as we are right now) even though we know that what she is doing is absolutely the right and brave choice at this moment in time.

As for our boy…what wonderful promises his future holds…!!! (‘nuff said)

I know they are going to be with their broader family over the weekend (along with their nanny and grandad), meeting relations they didn’t know existed.

What a great way to embark on new beginnings – and bringing it all together: past, present and future

Posted from within an olive grove, Greece

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