Reading on the road

Thinking about what to take away with me to read on my trip across Europe, made me think about what it means to be a reader. To be honest, what I’d like is a whole series of very cool reading where you can just sit back and enjoy and go along with the experience and not have to be concerned what’s going on in your mind at all. The same as listening to music. Or maybe even driving. There must be a whole bunch of people out there who’d actually like this. Or possibly not. People seem to like feeling anxious. As though being anxious makes them important.
Anxiety makes you forget about the world-reality – makes you feel wrapped up in yourself. A lot of reading material seems deliberately produced to make us feel like that – it sells: the news, Twitter, Facebook, thrillers…they’re all designed to arouse fear and increase anxiety levels…coffee, too, actually…believe it or not; that is part of making a whole nation continually be on tippytoe… Movies are the same. Constant high anxiety.
So, a whole series of reading material which has a rhythm and content that actually removes the reader from those high anxiety levels and enables them to escape and forget themself and that chitty-chatty environment might actually be very good for the individual – might well soothe the soul and bring it back to a personal level of being removed from fear. No need to visit or sign up to a guru or an online course or enlist in some philosophical movement – all you’ve got to do is sit back, relax – open the text…and read…be free…
None of which has actually helped me to decide what I will bring away. Not yet, anyway. Maybe just some good tour guides…


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