Smack-heads #fukus

Looking at the hapless faces of Trump and his cohort Mad Dog Mattis, the May-bot and M. le Financier Macron as they dissembled over their supposed motivations for bombing a proud nation and its long-suffering people, I was very much reminded of those awful authoritarian parents and teachers – guardians of the natural order – way back in the fifties and beyond who would line up their much weaker charges and, before commencing to beat them with sticks and canes, announce:
‘This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.’
Such hypocrisy! The claim that what they were doing was for the victim’s own good..!

Fortunately, ideas of social justice have moved on – you can now go to prison for beating minors. However, these political overlords appear to be caught in a post-colonial time warp, harking back – and wishing to revel in – a time when it was perfectly okay and legal to beat and brutalise subordinate populations.
Thank goodness most of us have moved on.

Now we have to rid ourselves of these political throwbacks and monstrosities.
Hopefully, soon, the only place you will come upon them will be as waxworks in museums – or maybe some kind of virtual zoo-circus, or TV comedies where the memory of them will provide a good set of laughs as we get on with the business of living together as one – as the brothers and sisters we all are!

In the meantime, we can begin by all opening a Twitter account and following alternative news sources and political and economic viewpoints.
Personally, following the illegal strikes on Syria this weekend at the behest of our antediluvian smack-head politicians, I was greatly heartened by the tweet of Elijah J Magnier telling us that ordinary Syrians were dancing on the streets of Damascus as a response to those foolhardy and belligerent attacks, along with images of people gathered together and waving their national flag alongside those of Russia and Iran.

The USA, UK, KSA and Israel, along with with other countries of NATO, had already all-but lost the proxy war on the ground in Syria, with the jihadists driven back by the Syrian people and its representative army, so that by committing their cowardly bombing of these same individuals and their infrastructure, these groupings have now lost any semblance of authority they may have once held.
Now, they resemble those old bent figures of yesteryear thrashing around with their sticks and demanding they and their worn-out moral code be taken seriously, ignorantly misunderstanding that the rest of us in the world have heeded lessons from the past in our own modern – enlightened – way.


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