Be aware, or beware

It kinda starts with socio-political thinking…
Some thoughts you may or may not agree with:
It took Baader-Meinhoff to make the Germans woke.
It took the Red Brigades to make the Italians woke.
It took the ’68 riots to woke the French.
The British never woke – just partied.
The Americans never woke – not even after MLK and Vietnam.
Neoliberalism creates highly passive power in concentrated elite groups – Marx-time is nigh.
Learn a language – cut out the middleman.
Be a buddha – stop wanting stuff.
Neolib + neocon = planetary destruction.
Neolib has created concentrated ownership, which means time for revolution.
Did you ever believe in the trickle-down effect of ne-0-liberalism?
Did you really believe the neoliberal rich wouldn’t increase their wealth?
Do you believe it is only by inflicting violence on the planetary rich that they will they take notice?
Whoever believed in social mobility?
Don’t be naïve – the political class have always lied.
You cannot trust the belief systems of others.
You have to work it out for yourself.
Politics has never solved issues concerning equality.
Only fear has resolved issues concerning social equality.
The rich only ever want to get richer.
The rich protect their wealth by any means.
The rich kill whole nations rather than see equality.
The rich enslave whole peoples rather than share resources.
The rich are destroying the planet.
The rich continue to plunder the planet.
Nothing but revolution or death will prevent the rich from destroying the planet.
The rich cheat and lie in order to sustain their influence.
The rich use armed force to maintain the status quo.
The rich will never willingly give up their wealth.
Only force will make the rich give up any portion of their wealth.
We live in a plutocracy – wealth means influence.
Anyone standing in the way of the rich will be obliterated.
The rich have no care for others.
The rich want inequality.
Only by force will the systems endorsed by the rich be annihilated.
The rich you will always have over you – unless you take control.
You cannot reason with the rich.
The rich start wars.
The rich promulgate wars.
The poor die in wars, not the rich.
The rich look down on the poor.
Check your sources.


And leads onto…

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