The Secret of Eternal Life

There is only one question in life worth asking (to paraphrase Camus, Il n’y a qu’un problèm philosophique vraiment sérieux…) and that is…
What happens to the human soul after death?
Physically speaking.
electron image
First, the human soul is actually an information pattern based on memory and is stored in the sub-atomic structure – more specifically within an electron, or electrons, and this information continues to be stored following the dissolution of the body’s molecular makeup (as described in Answer, where the human soul is described as a scintilla within the body). Since an electron has no mass there is no known limit to the amount of information that may be stored in this manner; certainly a lifetime’s worth of memory is virtually zero. There is consequently no problem of storage.
As sub-atomic matter electrons do not conform to human sensory efforts of measurement and may appear as discreet particles or waves. Still, electrons are constrained by some kind of law, and that law is one of circularity. Electrons do not disappear forever, nor are they eternal (as far as is known). They appear and reappear. And when they reappear within the context of another human body they carry over the information contained within them from the previous occasion. In this way, they transmit information to the ‘new’ human being. This human being has access to the information stored as memory within the electron, or electrons. That is the human soul, and that is how ‘reincarnation’ occurs.
So, back to our question: What happens to the human soul after death?
Quite simply, it remains contained within the electron or electrons.
People may ask, Where does the soul go?
Well, you have your answer here. It ‘goes’ nowhere – remains part of the universe.
The electrons follow a cycle of reestablishment and this has been worked out through the ancient mystery schools (just as various planetary motions were) to last through periods of one hundred and forty-four years. If you want to work out when your soul last incarnated in an individual human being doing the math is really quite simple. Then, if you want to access the information contained in the electron/soul you have to involve yourself in memory exercises which are more commonly called meditation. Through forgetting your present ego-bound self, you are able to recall previous selves (assuming such exist; if you are a new-born soul then it will not even occur to you to try this exercise, since you will have no knowledge of, or any idea concerning, a previously existing self.)
All that needs to be added here is to say that all new experience you have is added to your store of memory. In this way, through accumulated self-knowledge, you are able to comprehend the universe as it exists – and as you exist in it – and thereby attain the perfect mystic dream of never having to return to a physical human existence.
You have the formula for perfect liberation – of attuning your individual soul to the universal oversoul.
Prior to achieving this state of perfect liberation it ought to be possible to consciously form a memory-pattern that will continue to exist as a waveform after the dissolution of the body and that has nigh on eternal permanence. This waveform – or pattern – will in turn be accessible to any human soul that can obtain the means of recognising it.


electron colour

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