A peace packed a.m..!

After a full night’s sleep with no disturbances…
A cup of tea in bed and chat with my beloved about a personal matter which has been bothering her…
A shower. A shave. Getting dressed in freshly-laundered clothes…
A bowl of porridge oats and a handful of nuts and dried fruit. A cup of green gunpowder tea from China…
Sitting in the English mid-February sunshine reading Holger Kersten’s ‘Jesus Lived in India’ in preparation for a visit to that wonderful country soon…
Two years ago – almost exactly to the day – I was involved in a car accident that might well have killed me, while last year I was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening condition (and not for the first time either). And yet here I am sitting on an armchair in my living room enjoying the bright warmth and looking forward to a trip across Dartmoor to the castle ruins in Tintagel where King Arthur is reputed to have had his Round Table surrounded by his knights and the Lady Guinevere.
Some little while ago – during a one-to-one lesson on the very first day of that year – a Russian student made a comment concerning the artist Roerich (he of the Peace Pact contract signed in 1935) and a quick bit of research revealed where he lived at that time in Himachal Pradesh, so that I have wanted to visit the place ever since…
Think: precisely two thousand years ago, before his ministry started in Palestine, Jesus had been studying Vedic texts there and was wandering around the same area we will be heading to.
Myth and legend and reality all bound up in one tiny time frame and space.
Ain’t life just wonderful sometimes…


peace pact banner

[I had the visa application in my hand when news came in that a relative had suddenly fallen ill; therefore the trip had to be postponed. Updated 11/04/18]

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