The Daily Crimes 19/08

The Daily Crimes can today reveal the ‘something’ that had reportedly been passed on from Rodion Raskolnikov, a fictional character from Crime & Punishment by Dostoevsky, to Samuel Harvey, an equally fictional character created by Glyn Ridgley for the novel Question, was, as feared an axe. This really is an unwanted disclosure since we had believed the hatchet had long been buried. Not so, it would seem. Just a few years ago it appeared that weapons of violence might even become a thing of the past, instead of which they have come more to the fore than ever. Whole countries and their populations are being threatened with mass destruction by other countries more strongly armed than they – or at least by warlike factions that have seized power within those militaristic and theoretically united states and kingdoms. This unfortunate return to a pre-rational, primitive and paranoid response to peoples considered different may one day be eradicated, unlikely though that seems at present. As for The Daily Crimes, we will publish an image of the axe just as soon as one becomes available.

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