The Daily Crimes 16/08

The Daily Crimes can confirm that Samuel Harvey has indeed been passed on something from Rodion Raskolnikov, as reported in an earlier edition. When contacted, Mr Harvey made the very serious point that he could not possibly be residing in the country of Bolivia and be in St Petersburg, Russia at the same time. An observation we have accepted as being utterly true. So, in that case, what is he doing in Russia? Our conjecture is that he has set up a meeting with Edward Snowden, another refugee from the west, albeit for quite different reasons. This would make perfect sense since both of them clearly hold a grudge against their mother states, the one for secretly spying on its citizens, the other for legitimising the economic abuse of the same. We will keep our readers informed as soon as we have more news. In the meantime, please pass on reports of any sightings or other relevant information in the Comment box below.
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