I was brought up in just about the wealthiest part of the planet…
So, yeah, in 1977 I was eighteen, had a job, a car, a girlfriend, money – my mum used to cook me chicken dinners and, really, I was as well off as any eighteen year ever was or ever could be. God, I was healthy.
Locally, that year we saw Iggy Pop play his first gig anywhere in five years, Dr Feelgood, Tom Petty, the Sex Pistols…then up in London the Clash and the Ramones…
Dope was about £5 a quarter ounce, a pint of IPA 20p, a tab of acid 50p/£1…
Ah, life was just so easy…
Don’t get me wrong, it’s real easy now, too. Not better, not worse. Not even much different. Except my mum doesn’t need to cook me chicken dinners because she lives 200 miles away and anyway I’m now vegetarian. But I still see her lots.
I’ve got a better partner and children than any man ever deserved…
Life is always easy. It’s just the way you look at it.
BUT – somehow or other we’ve got to work out this RICH/POOR stuff. It makes no sense. There is the scientific way, like ‘The Spirit Level’ or ‘Positive Money’, for instance, or the socio-political method of socialism (but definitely not capitalism), or the spiritual approach of mysticism…
Or maybe the whole lot together!
For sure, we and the planet need to operate in harmony…
Glyn F Ridgley Books

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