The Daily Crimes 14/08

Reporting for the Daily Crimes
Seen walking through the St Petersburg streets was Rodion Raskolnikov, a character from the Dostoevsky novel CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. He appeared to be carrying something beneath his overcoat (believed to be the one owned by Gogol, from which all Russian literature is supposed to have peeped out from… well more about that another time). A policeman spoke with him but suspected nothing and went on his way. However, Raskolnikov was later seen passing on something to Samuel Harvey, another fictional character, this time from Glyn F. Ridgley’s QUESTION. What could that something have been? We have attempted to confirm just exactly what was handed over, but – as reported by our Sunday Crimes correspondent yesterday – Samuel Harvey is thought to be living in Bolivia, and so was not available for comment. Raskolnikov was also unavailable at the time of going to wordpress.
If you have any information regarding just what exactly was passed from one character to the other, we would be greatly pleased to receive a comment from you.
In the meantime, if you unable to locate the answer in QUESTION you may find some further clues in the book below, available to order by clicking on the image
Dostys place

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