The Sunday Crimes

We caught up with the fugitive Sam Harvey, main protagonist in the Glyn F. Ridgley novel QUESTION, who is believed to be hiding out in Bolivia, one of the very few countries never to have been invaded by the British military. We asked him what he thought about the Establishment elite’s continuing policy of feeding the public lies in order to maintain their power base.
“I think the public need to see neoliberal/neocon policies for what they are,” he replied. “They are a lie propagated by the rich for the rich. Until people understand they are being sold short – that a perfectly good, safe world is possible, and is only denied them in order to shore up the inequality and violence that is evident everywhere around the world – until the moment comes when people think for themselves and develop alternative modes of life and governance – a world not based on making money – then plutocracy will continue and the vast mass of humanity will live a subservient existence.”
We further asked him if he felt justified in carrying out the act of murder for which he has always taken full responsibility.
“Would I do it again? No, I wouldn’t. Then again, I always maintained that it only had to be carried out once. I proved to myself that I am not cowed by the moneyed class and their lackeys, and I also showed up their ideas as being disseminated for the selfish self-serving practices they are used for – to justify inequality. People need to learn to stand on their own two feet and not be dictated to by people more ignorant than themselves. Donald Trump, for instance. Let alone the likes of King Salman and Benjamin Netanyahu. Until they are prepared to stand up and be counted – or at least live lives that aren’t ruled by fear and greed and which are commensurate with the ideas that they can themselves justify through their own sense of conscience, then the possibility of somebody behaving in a similar manner and carrying out an act like the one I committed cannot be ruled out. Personally, no, I do not see violence as leading to any kind of solution. On the contrary, it is used by those in command to subjugate whole peoples.”
The book in which Sam Harvey plays a leading role is entitled QUESTION and is available at most bookstores and internet sites such as Amazon. Click on the image below to order a copy.

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