In the Thrall of the Mountain Thing

All gardens are cosmic (relying on Helios for warmth, while many gardener’s refer to an almanac for the lunar cycles when planting). Ours is especially so because it is at the top of a village which is itself at the top of a mountain, so that the cosmic rays are less mitigated than those nearer sea-level. The soil is particularly fine, friable and therefore full of molecular space. Which is probably why we had some unexpected visitors coinciding with the clocks going forward. As a result of a concomitant power-outage and gravity field diminution, the video recorder failed to operate and only still images were obtained. Still, these were pretty impressive, as you can see.

Hawkwind HotMG
The view from our garden yesterday evening
Hawkwind - Hall of the Mountain Grill (Front)
This is what landed
hawkwind mofu image
This is what emerged


Valley Independent Publishing / Daffodil (VIP)

hawkwind sr alternative
This is the lasered image we witnessed.
stacia priestess
This was the High Priestess


Valley Independent Publishing / Daffodil (VIP)

hawkwind man image
And this appeared in the sky!

We are now in lockdown and these images are our only communication


I was expecting to be travelling through a faux post-apocalyptic world last Friday, as I was booked on a BA flight back to London in order to pick up medication for my own particular virus (Hepatitis C). Instead of which, the trip was aborted and I now await the meds to be delivered by way of courier.

Shame. I was looking forward to writing about the experience, envisaging a K Dick-style journey of emptied buildings and more-than-wary fellow human beings. A kind of envisaging of humankind’s great dark future. Hmmm…

Whereas, my current book…

Well, I better not give the plot away…much as I would like to…

With a Ryanair flight and the ferries similarly cancelled, there is much time to be spent here in the mountains preparing the garden – which is starting to look like a Hawkwind album cover – ready for spring and summer and the time when hopefully this worldwide COVID-19 virus will have been totally eradicated.

Much love

KoL image

When you finish

There is a distinct loneliness that comes from finishing a particular kind of work – like a novel – that cannot be easily shared. It’s just there. No one can know it. You had it before you began, which is why you began, and then it comes back revisited about a million times on conclusion.

Very heavy.

Very heavy, indeed.

It’s what you take on.




Todd Rundgren Saban Theatre 2016

Dun gotta put this up on the Diary cos it was such an unexpected find…the recording…

We arrived at LAX after spending new year in San Fransisco, picked up our van, drove out to the Getty Museum and then into the Hollywood Hills to watch the gig of … A Genius, A True Starvanfront

How cool was that..?

(Wrote about it in ANSWER)


10th and done!

Pretty much the greatest moment in a writer’s life is when he/she finishes a novel.

When they’ve been working on it over an unintentionally extended period of time, it’s very special.

When it’s the tenth and final novel of a projected series covering a lifetime, it’s extra-special still.

That’s where this boy – or grown man – stands now: at the culmination of it all.


“Seriously, I was here forty years ago.”

a little vision

There’s this idea that if you could only be rid of Pompeo or Trump or Erdogan or whoever, everything would be hunky-dory – we’d all get on with our pleasant lives and so on and so forth.

Not so.

If only.

While we are calibrated to launch into vindictiveness and violence at the drop of a hat – yes, even hatred and projected violence towards those we hold to blame for the continuing violence we very much say we are against – then it stands to reason that the actual behaviour that we assert we are against, will continue.

We remain in a losing argument.

The fact is that we are not ready to live in peace.

If only.

On the face of it, the human species will never rise above the level to which it has attained.

Why should it?

People quite clearly live the way they wish and society is structured accordingly. You’d have to be mad to say things are not as they should be.

Or an arrogant prick.

All the while the black lodge operates according to the way that most people view the world and the serpentine myth tries to mitigate the worst of their excesses.

If and when sufficient numbers have the true vision of universal harmony – a big ask, I’ll grant you – then the balance will change.

Until then…


usa bombing syria


God died laughing

Love life and peace.

I do.

Why not?

Buddha laughed.laughing emoji Jesus wept.weeping emoji

Who was right?

Centuries ago God co-authored a book with a bunch of scholars, story-tellers, poets, prophets, mystics, chroniclers and so on designed to promote understanding and make the world a better place.

god emoji
“Let’s write a book!”

Several centuries passed and the President of the world’s only superpower looked at the book and decided it was commanding him to destroy the planet and kill millions of people, leaving just him and his friends to live happily ever after.

usa bombing syria
“Let’s kill everyone!”

Who was right?






Below is a short extract from my forthcoming novel. This is very much part of the Diary.

Less than twenty minutes later I was treading a well-worn path through the woods on Naphill Common, ruminating on all I had heard so far that morning. That I had arrived in a sleepy little south Bucks hamlet, and was staying at an inn that could have been taken straight off an Ealing Studios film set replete with gossiping inn-keeper, while ostensibly conducting negotiations with the writer of a script concerning the Russian writer Dostoevsky, would have been oddball enough; to have then stumbled into a plot to destroy and take over the world by the Black Lodge of America was beyond weird. It was beyond anything I could have dreamed up, or indeed had ever come across in any novelisation or screenplay ever brought to my attention.

And yet it all made sense.

The American Black Lodge, for a start.

The plan for America’s world domination was already well-known – and well advanced. They had military bases on every continent and in over a hundred countries around the globe. They had reneged on an agreement with Russia and now had nuclear weapons ranged virtually along that country’s entire European border, in Poland, Czech Republic and probably now in Ukraine as well. The Vice-President was actually caught on video bragging about how he had bought off their illegitimate government for a few million dollars. Except for Putin, American industrial interests would be plundering the whole country of Russia right now following a plan hatched by Bill Clinton when the drunkard Yeltsin was in power after the intended putsch against Gorbachev had failed. (This is the backdrop against which our mini-series directed by Karachenko opens.) No wonder they hated Putin and had run a campaign against Russia as a whole, taking us back to the post-nineteen-forties Cold War scenario. ‘They’? The Black Lodge, of course. Only black hearts could come up with such dastardly plans and scenarios. The H-bombing of Japanese cities, the napalming of Vietnamese children, the starvation of Yemenis… Right now, China was also being encircled with American nuclear weaponry…

[The British screenwriter had been correct in every detail.]

And the current members of the Black Lodge – look at them: a known torturer and kidnapper of innocent foreigners as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (that should be enough to send shivers up the neck and start alarm bells ringing immediately); a Secretary of State who says the current POTUS was sent by God, admits to taking advice every day from the Bible (read backwards, presumably), seeks ‘rapture’ and wants the day of Armageddon when all the Jews in the world are slayed by his Christian brethren to arrive ASAP, and has also been videoed chummily declaring that he and his colleagues at the CIA ‘we lied, we stole and we cheated – had been given seminars on how to do it’ and so was well-grounded in the black arts; a National Security Advisor who openly wants to start a war with Iran and tries to undermine various democratically elected governments around the world, and heightens the state of insecurity dramatically within the US by his support of terrorism and dictatorships especially in the Middle East and South America, who completely disregards international rules and attempts to use NATO in order to destabilise Europe and beyond; then there were the lesser players like the convicted liar who had overseen the slaughter of totally innocent villagers throughout Central America, particularly in El Salvador, and was called in as henchman-in-chief to ratchet up the tension and a promise of more sadistic killings when an attempt was made to replace a popular mandated president with the American-backed imposter in Venezuela, along with the generals and governors and whatnots, all the flotsam and jetsam of military expansionism and capitalist greed…

In short, this is the Black Lodge of America.

And they are only following the principles laid down by earlier practitioners: the Bushes and Reagan, Obama, Clinton, Nixon et al killing those who got in the way such as JFK, MLK, RFK and any others Ks or Xs who tried to stop their dark rule and machinations.

And this ‘Shambhala’ I had heard mentioned inadvertently by Abigail Sozzler at the patio table: was this a place or an organisation, and did it contain the adversaries of those in the Black Lodge?

And, if so, what hope had they against the political and military might of America with its limitless wealth and sole superpower status?

None, probably.